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Sensodyne Sensitive Toothbrush


  • Sensodyne Sensitive toothbrush removes lodged food particles
  • Clears out the stains and yellow spots from your teeth
  • For sensitive teeth
  • 1 Piece

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Sensodyne Sensitive (Soft) Toothbrush

The Sensodyne Sensitive toothbrush has been specifically designed for a daily clean up and brushing of sensitive teeth. Its bristles are designed to be gentle on sensitive teeth and gums. Its head is specially designed to provide effective cleaning even in the hard to clean areas. So what are you waiting for? Buy the product online at the best rate, right here!

Sensodyne Sensitive (Soft) Toothbrush

How to use:

Brush twice daily for effective cleaning of your teeth and gums


It removes lodged food particles and clears out the stains and similarly the yellow spots from your teeth.


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