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Haricot beans are small, oval, plump and creamy-white with a mild flavour and a smooth, buttery texture.
Storage and Uses

Store unwashed fresh beans in a perforated plastic bag and refrigerate. Whole beans stored this way will stay for a week.
Consuming Haricot beans raw is not possible as it has a very hard exterior, however, cooking it makes it edible and tasty. It has little flavour of its own but is capable of absorbing the aroma and flavours of added spices very easily. It is because of this reason that these beans are used in bean salads, vegetable soups, slow cooked dishes and other dishes, making it very popular in the market. Also used in many dishes with tomato sauce.

Haricot beans are great for metabolism and regulation of the sugar level of blood. They support the adrenal regulation function and provide an excellent source of protein and fibre. A good source of many nutrients and proves to be a healthy diet.

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