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Sprite Can


  • Sprite is an energizing drink with an enjoyable lemon-lime taste
  • Refreshing thirst quencher
  • Instantly uplifts mood

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Sprite 300 ml (Can)

Sprite needs no introduction. From the house of Coca Cola, this is a favourite sparkling lemon-flavoured soft drink of millions across the world, since 1999. This crystal-clear lime drink that is a mixture of ‘lymon’ – both lime and lemon, comes with sugar and sweetener. This fizzy beverage not only quenches your thirst but also refreshes you in a jiffy. It is a tasty soft drink that can be shared with family, friends, be it during a hot afternoon, lazy evening or while enjoying a good movie night. What’s more, it can be served at all kinds of gatherings and parties as it is or can be used in the preparation of various cocktails and mocktails. To sip on Sprite for those memorable moments, order it online, right here!

How to use:

Serve Sprite chilled in a glass or guzzle it down straight from the can. You can also add this soft drink to cocktails and mocktails, to infuse an invigorating bubbly lemon flavour.


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